Istanbul, also known in the past as Constantinople or Byzantium. This amazing city is located on two continents – Europe and Asia. It was its remarkably rich history, culture and tasty turkish cuisine that persuaded us to make a city break here. On the second day of our city break we decided to visit three stunning sights – Blue mosque, Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

How to get here from Blue Mosque

From Blue Mosque we are going to the Sultan Ahmet park. In the mobile stall so typical for Istanbul we buy pastry for refreshment (1 turkish lira (TRY) per piece, if you want with nutella 2TRY) .

Istanbul - Sultan Ahmet park

Vendor with mobile stall in Sultan Ahmet park sells pastry

Along with the tram track we are heading up the hill to the next attraction – the Grand Bazaar. This shopping covered market is close to the tram stop Çemberlitaş. It is only one stop from Sultanahmet tram stop. The walk takes around 15 minutes so we don’t take the tram.

Passing the area of Nuruosmaniye mosque after few metres we are standing in front of the gate  Nuruosmanyie to Grand Bazaar – Kapaliçarşi.

Istanbul - Kapalicarsi

Gate to the Grand Bazaar from Nuruosmaniye Mosque

Long walk in the streets of the bazaar

We enter the gate and walk down the hall of one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. You can find here more than 3000 shops. The main hall is wide, the ceiling is beautifully decorated by yellow color with ornaments. Tourists from all over the world buy here various souvenirs like magnets, ceramics, soaps, leather products, lamps, spices and so on. We are trying to enjoy the rush atmosphere of this interesting place.

Istanbul - Grand Bazaar

Main hall

Istanbul - Grand Bazaar

Lights of Grand Bazaar

Istanbul - Grand Bazaar

Shop with spice and tea

There is magical atmosphere here. You can feel like you are travelling through time to the past. Streets are full of hundreds or maybe thousands of people. It is estimated that more than 400.000 people visit this place per day.

Istanbul - Grand Bazaar

…and again the lights

In wide and narrow streets of the Grand Bazaar we spent more than 2 hours. We use our negotiating skills learned on our Asia travels and buy some souvenirs as a memory on Istanbul 🙂

Istanbul - Grand Bazaar

In the streets

Istanbul - Grand Bazaar

You can buy all kinds of products here as souvenirs

Istanbul - Grand Bazaar

Nicely decorated ceiling


Entering the Old Bazaar

We stroll through the narrower streets. There are dozens of such streets here. Indeed, you can easily get lost here 🙂 Seem like we got the oldest part called Old Bazaar. The vendors in this part offer different type of products. One can find here jewelry shops, antiquities, carpets and the like.

Time for visit: 2-3 hours

Location: Sultanahmet

Entrance fee: free

Spice bazaar – Spice market – Misir Çarşisi

Finally, after long walk through the Grand Bazaar we decided to go to another famous market – the Spice Bazaar (or Spice market). It takes only 15 minutes walk to get here. And good news, all the time downhill 🙂 On both sides of the street to the Spice market there are plenty of shops.



Hidden entrance to the Spice market – Misir Çarşisi 🙂

Na Trhu s korením okrem samotného korenia, ponúkajú obchodníci aj rôzne čaje, a samozrejme nespočetné množstvo tureckých sladkých špecialít 🙂


Spice market



Istanbul - turkish delights

Turkish delights 🙂

We stroller through the Spice market much faster as it is not as big as the Grand Bazaar.


After small walk in the streets of Spice market we are heading to the Eminönü tram stop. It is no more than couple of meters from the Spice market. We buy tickets and cross the turnstile which is on each tram stop. In a short while the tram comes heading to Sultanahmet. On the third stop we get off the tram and return to the hotel. We are so tired but full of impressions from the whole day and amazing atmosphere of the visited places  🙂

Time for visit: up to 1 hour

Location: Eminönü

Entrance fee: free of charge