The busiest spot on the west coast of Boracay is Station 2. You will find the markets full of shops with clothes, souvenirs, food, fruit, restaurants and lots of other local products there. D*Mall and D*Talipapa are very interesting places that you simly must visit! You can get there by tricycle or take a walk on The White beach. 


The most popular market is a market called D*Mall. It is a very busy and exciting place with a lot of shops with clothes or souvenirs, restaurants and nightlife.  One street is full of  stands with fruit. There is also a small action park with carousel and climbing wall.

Let´s move on and get you some tips where to eat.

The Hobbit house

A lovely place with the theme of Lord of the rings´s hobits and the staff who serve the guests are midgets. It is a cute and cosy place with a stage where singers play live in the evenings. The staff is extremely polite and make you feel comfortable by telling funny jokes or nice compliments. The food is very nice, you can get humbergers, pasta but also some delicious specialities.

The Hobbit House restaurant in Boracay

The Hobbit House restaurant in Boracay

hobbit house restaurant

Crazy pancakes

It is a takeaway. You can choose from many fillings of various fruits, cream, ice cream and toppings. Really yummy!!!

Crazy pancakes

Crazy pancakes


The second market is called Talipapa. It is located between Station 2 and Station 3. There is a red sign “Talipapa” at both entrances – when you are coming from the main road or the White Beach. In the middle of the Talipapa market there is a square where you can find stands only with meat and sea food. It is amazing to see all the raw meat just lying on the tables and above it there is a fan with ropes hanging from it which are supposed to drive away the flies.

Seafood paradise

You can buy some seafood out there and take it to the near restaurants where they will cook it for you according to your wishes and you can enjoy your fresh seafood dinner. Be prepared for the specific aroma of  the sea food, but the overall atmosphere is amazing. Take a look at the Talipapa market in the video we made.

Supermarket in Boracay

At the entrance to the D*Mall from the main road there is a Supermarket – the only one big supermarket that we found on the island. But there are a lot of smaller stores where you can buy water etc.

Almost everywhere on the beach you can buy fresh fruit like watermelon, pineapple, coconut etc. from the local vendors. You can enjoy the delicious fruit like I did 🙂

Enjoying fresh pineapple and coconut water

Enjoying fresh pineapple and coconut water

But be careful, all hotels do not allow to bring durian. It is because of its specific (and not very pleasant) smell. If you bring it in and open in your room you might get in trouble.

durian durian


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