We founded this blog with my ex-boyfriend, that is why it is calles WE travel with love. We both loved traveling, he liked to take photos, I loved to write, which is why we decided to share our travel adventures and experiences. But we have our own paths now. We both moved on and I will continue to contribute to the blog.

Welcome! My name is Lenka.

I have loved writing ever since I remember.  Apparently it has brought me here. I graduated in Media Studies, Journalism and Environmental Studies at Masaryk University in Brno. I worked as an editor in several media, in TV and radio, in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. But I was increasingly interested in digital media. I wanted to try every new platform or social media and get to know how it works, what can be done and what results can be achieved there. That’s how I got to blogging. I just created the first blog long time ago just to learn how it works. And in 2015 this blog originated, where I combined my hobbies and interests. I’m not a fulltime blogger; I work at the Istropolitana Ogilvy advertising agency in Bratislava where I’m responsible for PR and a social media management. The blog is more of a delight and space for self-realization and learning of new things, improving in content, photography, video editing, etc. So I hope you can find something interesting here, learn some useful travel information or tips or at least check out photos and videos. Have fun!