Long flights are often necessary when you want to discover exotic destinations. We prepared list of 12 tips how to survive such long-distance flights and what you should take aboard so you feel more comfortable even in economy class 🙂   

long flights

1. Take your powerbank onboard

Stay charged! Don’t forget to charge your phone or tablet before the flight. Always take aboard your powerbank (external charger) with USB cable to charge your equipment. Anytime during the flight you can charge your phone or iPad. The newest wide-body aircrafts usually have USB output so you can charge your phone there. But not all of them. Remember in most airlines it is forbidden to have powerbank in checked baggage due to safety reasons. Therefore powerbank must be always onboard.

2. Don’t get cold on long flights

Airconditioning onboard is sometimes crazy. You feel like you are in a flying fridge. So take your hoodie and scarf with you. We used to get cold often. Blankets are usually provided by the airline. However you can use scarf instead of blanket anytime.

3. Take you compression socks and exercise during long flights

Compression socks are special socks that will pump blood through your inner veins and improve blood circulation during the flight. During long flights in high altitude the risk of thrombosis grows even when you are healthy. So to avoid complications after disembarking the aircraft use your compression socks. It is also important to walk a little bit in the aisle during the flight so the blood will circulated in your body properly. On your seat you can do couple of exercises. Stretch you arms and do few circular moves with your hands and feet.

4. Hygiene

Dining tables are full of bacteria onboard. Before each meal wash your hands with antibacterial gel or wet handkerchiefs. Remember! Prevention is cheaper. You don’t want to ruin your holiday and spent it somewhere in hospital.

5. Use your own headphones

Airlines will provide you with headphones to watch movies or listen to music. We always take our own headphones aboard. For few simple reasons. Nobody knows how many people have used provided headphones and whether they were cleaned at all. Hardly so. And the second reason is very simple. Smaller headphones fit in ears better and you don’t have to deal with those borrowed ones. And finally, no fellow noisy travellers will disturb you 🙂

6. Medication on long flights

If you regularly use medication, remember to take medication aboard in your hand-luggage. Calculate when you have to take it during long flights. The other reason to have it onboard is that in case your checked luggage gets lost – luggage is sent to other destination, on later flight or at all. Even such situations may happen. If you have health problems, i.e. with blood clotting, ask your doctor before the journey. Some people get prescription from their doctor for blood thinners. You can prevent yourself from thrombosis by taking aspirin before the flight.

long flights

7. Dry air onboard – use moisturiser, lip balm & eyeglasses

Air on the plane si dry. Your skin gets dry during the long flight and your lips as well. Take moisturizing cream with you and use lip balm for your lips. From time to time apply moisturizing cream on your face and hands. Wearing contact lenses during long flights is not recommended. It is better to wear eyeglasses.

8. Wear comfortable clothes and bring spare clothes

Always wear clothes that are comfortable. You don’t want to sit several hours wearing something that will push you. Take loose clothes such as sweatpants 🙂

Spare clothes are more than welcomed on board. In case an accident will happen. For example in case steward/stewardess or your neighbour will accidently pour water, red wine, honey or whatever, on your clothes. And trust me there is nothing worse than sitting six or seven hours with wet pants under the air condition 🙂  Spare clothes come in hand when your checked luggage gets lost.

9. Inflatable cushion will make your flight better

If you don’t travel in business class, your seat will not be so comfy. You will not put your seat to horizontal position and you will definitely not switch on the massage mode 🙂 In economy class (in which majority of us travel) you will experience the strange feeling similar to sardine in a can. No extra space for your legs. You want to sleep a little bit. Getting out of the plane crumpled like a non-winning ticket is something very unpleasant. Therefore take with you inflatable cushion around your neck. It strengthens your neck and head and help you to survive the flight. And you get out of the plane fresh and happy.

10. Drink plenty of water on long flights

It is very important to observe regular drinking mode. And by regular drinking mode I don’t mean to ask stewardess every 5 minutes for a beer.  This also happens… 🙂 You should avoid drinking alcohol onboard….aaand also drinks that contain caffeine. These drinks will dehydrate you and you get out of the plane tired and it will be harder for you to overcome jetlag. Drink plenty of water! Usually, you can take onboard water that you buy at the airport (this is not true for all airports). Water is served regularly on board. But it is good to have your own water (at least 0,75 litre) and drink continuously.

For sure it is good to have also something small to eat on board. I mean snack – a bar or cookies will come in hand. Especially if you don’t like food that is served on the flight or when you suddenly be hungry.

11. Which seat to choose?

Some airlines allow you to choose your seat on the plane before the flight wihout charge. Seats in the middle close to the aisle are the best. You don’t have to hassle anybody when you want to leave your seat for toilet or just to walk in the aisle. When you choose your seat don’t take the one that is too close to the toilet. As many people may wait in the line and it may be annoying 🙂

12. Expensive equipment & secure your luggage on the plane

Expensive travel equipment must be always with you aboard. And if it is not possible ask the checkin clerk to tag it as fragile. Chances are that your luggage will not be thrown like pack of potatoes and that you will not get your camera in pieces. Don’t forget to lock your luggage. When you have your luggage out of sight you will make it harder for thief to steal something. So why make it easier for him, right?

Long flights

These tips how to survive long flights are all tested by us. Step-by-step we learned on our own fault 😀 If you have any other excellent tips, let us know in comment below 🙂