So this is how we ended up when we were planning our winter getaway! We couldn´t decide where to go so we wrote down all the possibilities, put them together in a hat and picked one paper randomly. And we drew the paper with the option…. wait, we´ll get to this 🙂

First (in like August 2014) we bought return plane tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with departure on January 2015 for nearly three weeks. Kuala Lumpur became the first stop in our last journey when we visited Thailand in November 2013. We loved the city so we decided to come back there for a few days as a stopover. And then we couldn´t decide where to go next. As you can see there is a lot of countries and places we would love to see! So we wrote down different combinations that we were able to make in three weeks, put them together and picked one by randon selection. We did the combinations according to our own preference, but we also included the climate conditions in our decision-making process. During the winter time in Europe (January and February are the coolest months in Slovakia, so that is why we wanted to go on holiday) there is a rainy season in most of South-east Asian countries and Inonesia. So if you want to enjoy the sun, beach, and the sea you really have to think twice. It´s not only the matter of rain and getting wet, but with the rain comes mosquitoes so it can be dangerious too as there is malaria in this region. Yes, I know that Bali is exactly the choise of rain and mosquitoes but we would REALLY LOVE to go there so we took the risk and included it in the options.

But eventually the winner was paper number one that said Siem Reap, Philippines and Singapore. However, when we got to the planing  we found out that we want to see more islands in the Philippines so we decided to skip Siem Reap and go directly to Philippines. We will share our experience and adventure soon. Stay tuned!