Do we see right? Or is it some kind of optical illusion? When you look from various higher situated locations in Bratislava towards Austria you can see in the far distance enormous mountain range. Of course, just in case the weather conditions are favorable. Many times with snowcapped top of the hill. It’s  Schneeberg or “snow mountain” in Slovak. That’s how it’s called our “optical illusion”. One day in July we finally decided to visit this place. We planned a trip to the mountain that we see as far as from Bratislava :-)islav or

What exactly can we see from Bratislava?

When the weather conditions allow it, you can see higher floors in Dlhé Diely in Bratislava or for example ground in Záhorská Bystrica mountain called Schneeberg. This mountain is the highest mountain in Lower Austria and the most eastewrn part of Alps. By beeline from Bratislava it is only approx. 104 kilometers. The highest peak is called Klosterwappen (2.075 m). Klosterwappen is higher than the highest peak of Lower Tatras – Ďumbier (2.043 m). In the past Schneeberg used to be favourite place of Viennese aristocracy and shelter against high summer temperatures in Vienna. Nowadays, still more and more tourists from countries like Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary discover this awesome place.

How to get to Schneeberg

From Bratislava to Puchberg am Schneeberg

We set off for a journey from Bratislava to village called Puchberg am Schneeberg. It’s something around  150 kilometers and you made in less than 2 hours. Puchberg am Schneeberg is only 70 kilometers from Vienna.

Our car was parked near the train station on a free parking.

Puchberg am Schneeberg (585 m)

Puchberg am Schneeberg is the station of a cogwheel. The rail was built in 1897. Train that took us up the hill is called Salamander (as it is in colours of salamander). The last stop – Hochschneeberg – is in altitude of 1800 m.

We bought return tickets. It’s not very cheap to be honest. Return ticket cost 36 Eur for adult (16yrs and more). Kids from 6 to 16 years have 50% discount. Kids under 6 years can go free of charge.

Schneeberg, Rakúsko

From Puchberg am Schneeberg we can see mountain where is our target station Hochschneeberg


The cogwheel slowly made its way through the forest. All passengers were stuck on windows enjoying breathtaking views on prestiny Austrian nature. Our window was open so we could breath fresh air. We could sense blooming mountain flowers in the air. Beautiful flowers were everywhere. It was like in one of those ads on fabric softener or washing powder 🙂 The Salamander took the first stop at Baumgartner. Small refreshment stall was just on the stop. We found out that traditional buns called Buchtel Powidel (Plum bun) are sold here. Let’s try. For 2,50 Euros a piece we took one plum bun and one apricot bun. We didn’t eat it on the spot but we waited to the last station.


On the Baumgartner stop is a stall with refreshments

Buns were fresh. Smooth dough. It was melting on our tongues. Lot of tasty quality jam. Our taste budes were happy 🙂 We liked these buns so much that on our way back we had to buy more buns 🙂

Schneeberg, Rakúsko

View in the direction to the top from Baumgartner stop

Forest gradually started to retreat. Dwarf pine zone occured. In the distance we could see small church or chapel. It was Elisabethkirche. This church was built in honour of Empress Sissi. Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria visited it in 1902.

Schneeberg, Rakúsko


Schneeberg, Rakúsko

On the way up


Hochschneeberg is the final station of cogwheel. People usually start their tours from here to  Klosterwappen or neighbouring hill Kaiserstein (2.061 m).

Schneeberg, Rakúsko

View from Hochschneeberg

Walk on the top of the Schneeberg

From Hochschneeberg  we continued to Elisabethkirche. Church was open for public. Behind the church small there was a small wall where we could take a rest and just enjoy the views.

Then we decided to go to Damböckhaus. It’s only 20 minutes walk from Elisabethkirche. Damböckhaus is a restaurant. We had our lunch there, Gulaschsuppe. 

Schneeberg, Rakúsko

Salamander cogwheel

Schneeberg, Rakúsko

From Elisabethkirche to Damböckhaus

Schneeberg, Rakúsko

Towards Damböckhaus

You can admire amazing views on Klosterwappen and Kaiserstein on the route to DamböckhausHoci sme boli na Schneebergu v júli, stále bolo zreteľne vidieť snehové polia 🙂

Schneeberg, Rakúsko

Krásny výhľad na Klosterwappen vľavo a Kaiserstein vpravo so snehom, v júli 🙂


Many tourist continue from Damböckhaus to Klosterwappen. It’s approx. 70 minutes walk. We decided to go to Waxriegel (1.888 m). Waxriegel  is a hill above the Damböckhaus only 15-20 minutes walk from there.

Schneeberg, Rakúsko

On our way to  Waxriegel, on the left is Damböckhaus

Schneeberg, Rakúsko

Cross on Waxriegel

Schneeberg, Rakúsko

Bratislava is from Waxriegel 104 kilometers by beeline

Schneeberg, Rakúsko

You can see Elisabethkirche from Waxriegel

Schneeberg, Rakúsko


Our trip to Schneeberg was amazing. We spent beautiful day in beautiful nature of Lower Austrian Alps and on fresh air. The weather was excellent. And of course we escaped from 30 degrees Celsius temperatures in Bratislava. And last but not least we finally saw closely mountain that is possible to see from Bratislava.

So travel safe and farewell 🙂