At the beginning of our travels I used to be a little bit affraid of what would I eat in the new exotic destinations. I have to admit that I am quite picky when it comes to food. There are some rules I follow about eating: I don´t like spicy food, seafood and mushrooms.

But when we travel abroad we want to enjoy local cuisine. In this article we are bringing tips what to eat in Asia (even if you are picky eater like me:))

„Is it spicy?“

This is a question I asked many many times in many restaurants all over the world. Local cuisine in Asia is famous for being spicy, which was my problem at first. But very soon I found out there is no chance avoiding spicy food here. So I had to adapt.

What to eat in Asia: Local cuisine is a safe choice

Usualy everyone can prepare their national food very well. That´s why ordering local or national food abroad should be a safe choice. An essential element of Asian cuisine is definitely rice. There are milion way how to prepare and serve rice in Asia. Fish and seafood is also very common, but you can also get chicken everywhere.

National food of Asia countries

What to eat in Thailand – fried rice, sweet and sour, chicken with cashew nuts

Fried rice is one of the most typical meals in Thailand. Rice is the main ingredience, together with vegetables, egg and it is served either with chicken or seafood. There is a variation of this meal called fried noodles with noodles instead of rice.

Sweet and sour is a delicious meal with chicken, vegetables and pineaple. Side dish is rice (no spicy! :)) usualy served on the separate plates.

what to eat in asia sweet and sour chicken

Sweet and Sour chicken

Chicken with cashew nuts – chicken  with a delicious sauce and cashew nuts. It´s an amazing combination and such a good taste. Yummy.

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Chicken with cashew nuts and rice


What to eat in Malaysia – nasi lemak

Malaysia, especially its capital Kuala Lumpur is a multicultural city where you can also see and feel the fusion of the world cuisine. National food of Malaysia is nasi lemak. It is a rice cooked in coconut milk with special spice sambal, anchovies, peanuts and boiled egg. It is served with fish, chicken of beef. There are different variations of nasi lemak  in Singapore and Indonesia.

What to eat in Singapore – chicken rice

Chicken with rice – sounds so simple but with the delicious combination of local spice, it tastes so exotic and tasty!

Bali / Indonesia – nasi goreng, mie goreng, babi guling

Nasi goreng is a variation of Thai fried rice. It is a rice with soy sauce and various local spices. It is served with an egg on top and a chicken aside.

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Nasi Goreng

Mie goreng is almost the same meal, except you get fried noodles instead of fried rice.

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Mie Goreng

Babi guling is a typical balinese meal. It is a BBQ pork,  with local spices.

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Babi Guling in a bread, Lotos café, Ubud

What to eat in the Philippines

Filipino cuisine is not very famous and during our stay we didn´t recognize any national traditional food. Except for filipino breakfast, which consist of many kinds of meat, saussages, beans and of couse rice. We enjoyed fresh fish dishes the most in the Philippines.

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Fish with potatoes

What to eat in Japon – ramen, udon

Japanese cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in the world. Tpical meals in Japan are big portions of soups. Ramen is a soup with noodles, boiled egg, meat, seaweed and spring onions. Udon is almost the same, but with the different type of noodles.

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What to eat in South Korea – BBQ

Barbeque is a typical way of food preparation in Korea. You can order various kinds of meat. You get raw meat and you cook it yourself on a gril, which is on every table. There is a special ventilation at every table, so that you won´t smell like the smoke from the gril. Very funny is the way how you cut the meat – typical tool for that are scissors lol.

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Typical BBQ in Korea

Exotic fruit

In exotic countries you can taste lots of exotic fruits – pineapple, mango, rambutan, longan, snake fruit a many others. Do not forget to wash the fruit before consuming it! However, do not use tap water. In almost every country the tap water is not drinkable for foreigners and it can cause you stomach problems. We always wash the fruit under the water from the plastic bottle bought in shop.

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Various exotic fruit

Pizza, hamburger and others

Eating rice every day can get boring after a few days of your holiday. Luckily it is easy to find pizza, hamburger or other popular food almost in every country and it is also a safe choice. We even ate a turkish kebab in Korea.

However be careful about other European food. We had a sweedish (IKEA) meatballs in Bali and we both got food poisoning.

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